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Finding thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for grandmothers and moms alike should not be a difficult task. Mother’s Day has been around a long time and survived the trials and tribulations of life, just as our mothers and grandmothers have done. They deserve to be recognized and appreciated. Whether you are looking for great Mother’s Day gifts for Grandmothers from toddlers or even great Mother’s Day gifts for Grandmothers from teenagers, you can do so right here, at Tasty Habits. Gift baskets, chocolate gift baskets, and chocolate gift baskets with premium chocolate are all gifts to give to grandmothers and mothers on this wonderful day that say, “I love you.”


Mother’s Day is a special holiday celebrated all around the world in more than 46 countries. It’s a holiday that honors our mothers and the mother figures we hold near and dear to us. it gives us a chance to celebrate their presence in our lives and the immense impact they’ve had in helping us become the people we strive to be.

Grandmother Shopping

Mother’s Day hardly gets the attention it deserves, but its significance surpasses many other holidays we love to partake in. Our ability to connect with the world around us initially starts with our close connection to our mother. It’s a bond that’s created before we are even born and lasts for our entire lifetime. This holiday also holds the lead for the most phone calls made on one particular day. So even though many family members can’t be with their moms to partake in the holiday together, the day presents a chance for many people to reach for the phone and connect to the person they probably hold the strongest bond with.


The greatest part about Mother’s Day is the inclusivity it bears and the way it invites any mother figure who has shown love and support to be celebrated. This extends to grandmothers, sisters, aunts, teachers, adoptive mothers, and any woman that has shown us that it doesn’t matter whether they are of blood relation or not, it’s about the rich connection and love they share with the people around them. Mother’s Day is meant to be a way to acknowledge the fearless women that protect and care for us. And before we continue, while we love a good day that commemorates our mothers, we also agree that a holiday isn’t necessary to celebrate the mother in your life. Moms are meant to be celebrated and praised every single day.

COVID-19 Impact on Mothers

We also can’t forget about the role they took when COVID -19 hit and ravaged our lives. Even before coronavirus was present in our lives, mothers were and still are the unsung heroes of our lives. Balancing work, their schedules, their kids’ schedules, and a social life (let’s remove the last one), they then took over the task of adding educator to their titles as schools and education centers shut down. Because of the numerous stay-at-home orders made by their local governments, entertaining, feeding, educating, and caring for their children became a 24/7 task. This is a massive challenge for the psyche, for anyone really, but especially for the women that had to step up and find a way for their children to thrive in such difficult circumstances. Mental health was also an issue that many had to deal with and it forced many moms around the world to help their children understand what the world was going through while helping them remain mentally strong through the lockdown. That challenge would be enough for anyone to hang it up.

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This is why we have Mother’s Day, to put a spotlight on moms in our lives that go above and beyond creating stability and opportunity for us.  Dedicating a day for our mothers is the least we can do for the hard-working moms that have put us first for most of their lives.

A Little History About Mother’s Day

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As we start planning our own Mother’s Day festivities this coming May, let us not forget the origins of this holiday. Celebrations and festivities honoring mothers go back to ancient eras when the Greeks and Phrygians held festivities honoring mother goddesses like Cybele, known as Great Mother of the Gods, and Rhea, the Titan Goddess of fertility. In the British Isles and Celtic Europe, they honor the goddess Brigid as well as her successor St. Brigid in spring, which connects with the first milk of the ewes. There are even some lands that still honor goddesses from ancient times, like India that honors goddess Durga of war, strength and protection.

Mother’s Day Pioneers

The modern-day Mother’s Day celebrations date back to the 19th century when a woman named Ann Reeves Jarvis helped create “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” to educate local women on how to properly care for their children. Later in 1868, Jarvis organized another club called “Mother’s Friendship Day” in which mothers gathered together with former union and confederate soldiers to promote reconciliation. Another historical figure we have to thank for inspiring a Mother’s Day Holiday is a woman by the name of Julia Ward Howe. In 1870, Julia wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation”, which was a call to action asking many mothers to advocate for world peace. She campaigned for “Mother’s Peace Day” to be celebrated on June 2nd. Another woman that lead the way for this holiday is Juliet Calhoun Blakely. She was an activist who inspired many to acknowledge the new holiday in Albion, Michigan in the 1870’s.



The now celebrated Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May in America was created with the help of Anna Jarvis in the early 20th century, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis. The holiday was first celebrated in 1907 when Anna created a memorial for her mother in West Virginia. The memorial was held at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church and is now considered to be the International Mother’s Day Shrine. It held this title as a shrine on May 15, 1962 and is even designated as a National Historic Landmark. Anna created the idea of the shrine as a way to admire the private memorial service she put together for her mother. The landmark was a reflection of the way Anna wanted to honor the memory of her mother.


Following the celebrations of her mother in 1907, word quicky got out about the memorial and gained traction across the United States. Anna then petitioned to turn Mother’s Day into an official holiday but got rejected initially because congress joked that they would have to create a holiday for mothers-in-law too. She continued her efforts to spread news and by 1911, It was established that the second Sunday of May would be a local holiday. She chose this date because it was the anniversary of her mother’s death. To eventually mark this day as a national holiday, in 1914 Woodrow Wilson would sign the proclamation designating Mother’s Day as a national holiday celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Woodrow Wilson wanted to commemorate the holiday even further by proclaiming that flags would be flown on that Sunday to express public love and appreciation for mothers all across America. The white incarnation used at Anna’s mother’s memorial and is now a symbol of the decorated day. It was also her mother’s favorite flower. Even France uses a cake resembling a bouquet of flowers as a tribute to French mothers all over the country.

International Mother’s Day

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It took a little more time and effort for Mother’s Day to be accepted internationally. In 1909 after several calls to create a day for mothers, Canada and Mexico joined alongside America and celebrated their holiday on the second Sunday of May. Anna felt that the celebrations would reach other countries soon and waited for the rest of the world to partake in the festivities. Finally, in 1932 Japan adopted Mother’s Day on the same day as the United States. While many other countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day with America, other countries have marked the observance at different times of the year. For example, Britain has continued with old traditions and observes this day in their own way on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It’s known as Mothering Sunday to the locals there. Spain Is another country that celebrates their Mother’s Day at a different time of the year, December 8th to be specific. This chosen day is on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which not only celebrates mothers but also Mary, mother of Jesus.

What We Offer at Tasty Habits

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It’s safe to say this holiday holds something precious for everyone and is a chance to show the mother in your life, biological or not, that they have made a difference and that they are incredibly appreciated. Our shop Tasty Habits, located in Saskatoon, Canada, understands the significance of this holiday and we want to make it easy for you to find the perfect gift for your mother or grandmother. A little about our Saskatoon Chocolate Shop first. We offer premium milk, dark, and white chocolate creations for the special mother and grandmother in your life. We individually wrap each chocolate piece and bonbon so that you can share our creations with friends and family. We also offer affordable prices and don’t hold back on quality. We strive to make each individual costumer satisfied and happy with their purchase and we work to create lasting relationships with customers that come back to us time and time again. We also understand that the pandemic has created limitations on where people can travel, so we also have an online store where we can ship to almost any location, including international.


Because we source our chocolate from some of the finest location in the world, including Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Ecuador, our premium treats are the perfect gift to surprise your mother and grandmother with. Your purchase also helps the small businesses and farmers we work with that ethically source our cocoa beans. We give back to the community with your purchases and always find ways to participate in community events and outreach programs that help local farmers and workers.


COVID-19’s impact on Mother’s Day might be significant for many people which is why we want to create the most memorable experience for you, even if it is virtual. Our treats are the perfect Mother’s Day Gift and can be created and customized to the mother figure in your life. We pride ourselves on offering unique gift ideas with as much flavor as you can get. Our Mother’s Day Gift baskets are the perfect gifts for showing the mom in your life how truly important they are to you. Our products are also thoughtful gifts for grandmothers and add sweetness and a lot of fun for every family celebrating Mother’s Day this May.

Chocolate Creations and Products

Tasty Habits Chocolate Enjoy Life

We offer a wide variety of items; here are just several Canadian made chocolate products you can purchase for the upcoming holiday.


Chocolate Bars – They come in many flavors such as hazelnut and almond, caramel and pretzel, cranberries, dried strawberries, Oreo, mint, orange, salted caramel, ruby, gold, and white chocolate.  Our Ruby Couverture Chocolate Bar stands out among our other products. It is harvested and extracted from ruby cocoa beans. Its pinkish tint is a natural color and we do not add any colors or fruit flavors. It’s unique in flavor and gives off a fruity taste with a hint of sour mixed in. You’ll also have a choice of ruby chocolate with cranberries, pretzels, rice crispies, hazelnuts, and almonds inside.


Bonbons and Truffles – These delectable bites come in gift boxes as big as 24 pieces and can be anything ranging in chocolate covered Oreos, to chocolate hearts, ruby and gold bonbons, and chocolate covered strawberries. Our chocolate covered Oreos come in a customizable gift box that includes 20 Oreos in a beautifully wrapped box that we ship with a greeting card, if needed. Store them in an airtight container at room temperature or they might go bad if left for too long. Our bonbons are also the perfect simple treat to present on Mother’s Day. You can add Ruby and Gold Chocolate Bonbons and request larger quantities for special celebrations if you would like. If you want to keep it simple but still present a delicious treat, our truffles are the perfect way to go. Our 15-piece elegant chocolate box can include caramel truffles, plain and enrobed biscuits.


Build Your Own Gift Basket – Our shop offers you the chance to completely customize the perfect gift basket that includes treats the mother and grandmother in your family will love.

You can select from our chocolate bars, barks, dried fruits in chocolate and more. You can mix and match to your liking and choose the basket of your choice fit for the items you chose. We will also decorate and wrap the basket for you.



Chocolate Gift Baskets – These special pre-made packages are the perfect gift to give an assortment of goodies to your mom or grandma. You have options like Choco Dreams Gift Basket, Chocolate Love Basket and Fruit Gift Basket. These chocolate gift baskets have everything from merchandise, and chocolate bark, to stuffed animals, balloons, and chocolate bars inside.


Chocolate frames – These edible chocolate frames are customizable with your chosen text, images, or both. They come in mini and large and you can choose ribbon type and style and the colors you want the frames to be. These frames come in dark, milk, and white Belgian chocolate and you can even select wrapping materials for your order. This is the perfect idea to create an exceptionally tasty treat with your favorite picture of your mother or grandmother.


Chocolate lollipops – Our lollipops are also a treat that we can customize for you. We use edible printing premium white chocolate and add a layer of milk chocolate underneath. You can add any message as well as a graphic on the front. The lollipops also come in a set of 3 or 15.


3D Chocolate – We are able to design several different 3D chocolate products including a chocolate heel, a heart, a chicken with eggs, an assortment of hearts, and a 3D sheep. We also offer large and medium eggs that are smashable with the wooden hammer we provide for you.  Our smashable chocolate is always a crowd favorite and brings a good time to any festivity or celebration.


My Big Heart – This fan favorite might be the most fun you will have opening up a chocolate treat. While it might seem more like a valentine’s day gift, our big chocolate heart is the perfect way add a little bit of fun on Mother’s Day. We provide you with a wooden hammer to break apart the big heart and see what’s inside, which is usually filled with an assortment of chocolates and candies. It is made of airbrushed premium chocolate and only uses the best cocoa beans and butter ingredients.


We have many more items we didn’t list that would be the perfect gift for the mother in your life. Some of the other creations you can browse online are our assortment of chocolate bark and fruits dipped in chocolate like dates, ginger slices, and oranges. We also offer our amazing combination of pretzels dipped into our premium chocolates and our rocky road bars that include marshmallows, nuts, and cranberries.

Custom Orders

Chocolate Covered Dates

We create custom orders for specific client needs and cater for Saskatoon and the surrounding areas. To create custom orders, we need your specific requirements in advance so that we are able to calculate your estimated costs. We need details such as number of guests, date and time you need the order ready, packaging and printing requirements, special fillings and dietary restrictions and finally preferred colors and designs. We require exact specificity so that we have all the information needed to create what you envisioned from us.


If you’re planning a festivity or looking for a unique gift this Mother’s Day, you can order specific holiday themed chocolate products right form our website. Even if you’re going the safe route this year and having a virtual celebration, we want to help you have a memorable experience. You can ship our prepackaged or custom orders with any personalized notes and pictures to others as well. We’ll make sure it’s beautifully wrapped and can delight any family member waiting to unpack the goodies inside. If you’re in the Saskatoon area we offer free delivery for orders that are $25 and up. We also offer free shipping in Canada for $100+ orders. Start creating your order with us and call now at 1-888-248-2789. You can also email us if that works best at


Best Mom

Mother’s Day has a beautiful history that dates back to powerful women working to bring peace and knowledge to the people around them. This holiday has always celebrated women and we now get the chance, in our modern world, to celebrate the mothers in our lives, and the women who have shown up as mothers to the best and worst parts of our lives. The women who have put us first and have made sacrifices for our own happiness and comfort. This holiday is more than saying thank you, it’s acknowledging how powerful the moms in our lives are and how important it is to find time to celebrate their presence. This coming May, show that one woman or women in your life how thankful you are for their support and love. Let them know that they are appreciated, cared for and loved just as much as they give back to their family and friends.

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