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Delight Your Customers, WOW Your Clients

Send your clients a chocolate gift with your marketing or AD compain printing. You can have edible or non-edible chocolate printing.

Frames for Events

Sweet Business

If you are planning a business event or meeting, you can order event themed chocolate bonbons, bars, or chocolate frames.Having virtual meetings and want  to leave a positive impact? Ship prepackaged chocolates or order custom chocolates with your logo or event marketing message.

Our products range from small items such as edible printed chocolate frames and small chocolate business cards to larger chocolate boxes and baskets.


Select Your Marketing Option

Select the option that best serves your marketing, meetings, event, or advertising objectives. Contact us fo custom orders

Chocolate Frames

Select a chocolate frame with custom attached message card and  edible printed images on the frame (such as your logo or a thank you note)


Chocolate Bar with Nuts

Need a Cusom Order for Your Busines? Have a Question? Get In Touch Now

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