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We Bring you More Than Chocolate: The Ultimate Tasting Experience

Only finest chocolate is used to make our chocolate products. 

Our chocolate is sourced from:

Ivory Coast: for their intense body

Ghana: for their fruitiness

Ecuador: for their bitterness

Our chocolate vendor buys cocoa beans directly from farmers participating in the Cocoa Horizons program. By purchasing our products you are participating in training, financial incentives and community empowerment to create self-driven, prospering farmer communities.

Chocolate Collections

Select your preference of bonbons, truffles, bars, barks, and more…

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

Select from a large variety of chocolate bars with different flavors, chocolate types, sugar percentage, mixes, ..

Chocolate Bonbon Trays

Bonbons and Truffles

Little pieces from heaven! Taste and share different varieties and mixes in the same box. 


Chocolate Barks

Plates of joy. Pieces of chocolate with different mixes, flavors, and chocolate type. Try it!

Fruits Dipped in Chocolate

Fruits Dipped in Chocolate

Dried fruits and ginger dipped in chocolate…

Chocolate Frame

Chocolate Frames

Premium chocolate and elegant gift in one. Send us your message or image and we will put it as edible image on a picture frame made of chocolate. We can ship it on your behalf too!

Chocolate Basket

Chocolate Gift Baskets

The perfect gift made of a collection of chocolates that will make an impact! You can pickup your order or ship it directly as a gift.

Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate Lollipops

Perfect for birthdays and parties of all types. Print an image or message on chocolate lollipops and give away the perfect goodie bags or event gifts. Everyone enjoys it: grown ups and young ones!

Chocolate Dates

Chocolate Dates

Best quality dates dipped in premium chocolate of your choice. The inner seed is replace with a full almond. This is the ultimate date in chocolate tasting experience you can ever have! 

Chocolate 3D

Chocolate 3D Pieces

Premium chocolate and fun gift in one. Comes in different chocolate types and flavors. We can ship it to you or ship it on your behalf too!

Pretzels Dipped in Chocolate

Pretzels Dipped in Chocolate

Enjoy a great tasting snack of pretzels dipped in premium chocolate of your choice. It is made fresh to your order.

Rocky Road Bars

Chocolate Rocky Road Bars

Enjoy a ubnique taste of chocolate working together with marshmallows, nuts, and cranberries!

We Help Cocoa Farmers Thrive

Our products are made of chocolate that is sourced through vendors who support chocolate growing farmers and their communities. Your choice of Tasty Habits is a choice to support cocoa farmers. For every product of Tasty Habits premium chocolate, Tasty Habits sources 100% sustainable cocoa. Also, part of your purchase is reinvested in the farms and farmers communities. This is done through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation which works directly with farmer groups, that helps in farmer training and empowers young farmers & women farmers to be better in their profession.

Cocoa Horizons
Chocolate Farmers
Chocolate Boxes

Custom Orders and Special Events

We are here for you! We can customize chocolates to your event whether it is a personal event, business event, fund raiser, or any other type of custom order.

Bonbons Tray

Personal Gifts and Events

Birthdays, showers, weddings, and any other type of personal events require a ‘WOW” factor. This is  where we come in. With our premium chocolate product and made to order packaging and personalised message we help you organise the perfect event or give the a perfect gift.

Tasty Habits Chocolate Frame at Event

Business Marketing, Gifts, and Events

Add a touch of elegance to your business events. Send the perfect marketing or promotional gift to your clients. Add an edbile message or image. Add a printed card or message to the packaging. You name it, we make it. We can also ship directly to you clients.

Chocolate Fundraiser

Fund Raisers

Looking for personalised or marketing messages for your fundraiser? We can print edible or non-edible images and messages to help your fundraiser. Special prices for non profit organizations and fundraisers.

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